Game of Thrones' John Bradley goes dark for his new film, Traders

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Aug 3, 2016, 9:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Actor John Bradley's been playing arguably one of the most hopeful characters on Game of Thrones -- Samwell Tarly -- since Season 1. To his credit, that positive attitude for the now Maester-in-training hasn't doomed the popular character to immediate death like so many of his Westeros peers. But that doesn't mean Bradley hasn't been itching to explore the darker side of a character. So, in a post-Thrones hiatus, Bradley tried on the skin of a very different character playing nihilistic Vernon Styles in the indie film Traders.

Focusing on the desperate straits of the post-recession many, Styles is an unemployed everyman who creates a death match for similarly minded individuals where they reduce their assets to money that they will then use as the reward for the winners of underground fight-to-the-death matches.  Bleak? You bet. But Bradley talks to Blastr's Tara Bennett exclusively about the deeper themes of the film and how freeing it's been to play the polar opposite of his Tarly character. 


Traders is available now on digital platforms and cable VOD and on DVD Aug. 2, 2016.