Game of Thrones meets ancient Egypt in 1st trailer for Fox's Hieroglyph

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May 13, 2014, 3:19 PM EDT (Updated)

If you’ve ever wondered what Game of Thrones would look like reimagined in ancient Egypt, we have the answer right here. Yeah, this could be a new guilty pleasure come 2015.

The new Fox series Hieroglyph looks like an ambitious, sexy action thriller in the same vein of HBO’s hit, albeit with less skin than they can get away with on cable (but still an ample bit, apparently). From what we can glean from the first trailer, the series looks to have everything from magic scrolls to ancient vampires — and it couldn’t be more deliciously insane.

The series comes from the mind of executive producer Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim), and the action ramps up when a dangerous scroll is stolen from a secure vault. Hieroglyph looks to be swinging for the fences, and though it skirts into campiness a bit here and there, it looks like it could be a fun romp through pyramid times.

Sadly, the series has been bumped to midseason and won’t debut until 2015, but we still have the pilot trailer to enjoy:

(Via Fox)