Game of Thrones to break the record for setting people on fire

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Jun 7, 2017, 10:04 AM EDT (Updated)

Game of Thrones has won all sorts of awards. One of the most pirated shows of all time. The largest TV drama simulcast (to prevent it from becoming the most pirated show). Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage. But now it broke a record that doesn’t actually exist.

Say what?

Entertainment Weekly writes that Game of Thrones has set the largest number of people on fire in a production. However, Guinness World Records has never kept a record of immolated cast members.

But Game of Thrones has something Guinness doesn’t have: the voice of experience, Rowley Irlam, aka Thrones’ stunt coordinator.

“One sequence has 73 fire burns, and that itself is a record,” Irlam said. “No film or TV show has ever done that in a whole show, let alone in one sequence. We also set 20 people on fire at one time, which is also a record. I think in Saving Private Ryan they had 13 on a beach, and on Braveheart they had 18 partial burns. Because of the nature of our attacking animals, we had the liberty to expand on that.”

When he says “our attacking animals,” what he means is fire-breathing dragons. So this news is kind of a mild spoiler. Now we know, beyond a flame-cast shadow of doubt, that Daenerys will be unleashing Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion … 73 times.


(Via EW)