Game of Thrones' badass credits get LEGO time-lapse re-imagining

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Dec 17, 2012

We all know Game of Thrones has one of the coolest and most memorable opening sequences on television ... so memorable that it's already been immortalized in yellow by The Simpsons. Now it's getting another re-imagining thanks to a pair of intrepid builders and their time-lapse skills.

YouTube user MatthewP uploaded a video titled "GoT: A Clash of LEGO" to his account over the weekend, co-created with fellow builder Monica Garcia. Together they've used nothing but LEGO bricks (OK, and some K'Nex pieces thrown in there too) to re-create three crucial locations from the clockwork opening credits of Thrones.

Check out the video and watch as the Red Keep of King's Landing, the ruins of Harrenhal and the sea-battered fortress of Pyke come to life. We're loving the concept, but after watching this we want more. Bring on LEGO Winterfell!

(Via YouTube)