Game of Thrones makes big change in attempt to win another Emmy

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Dec 17, 2012

If you, like us, have been scratching your heads and been disappointed at HBO's list of Game of Thrones episodes that were submitted for the 2012 Emmy Awards in a bid to win both Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor (for the second time) for Peter Dinklage, you'll be happy to know that HBO is taking a somewhat unusual step to change that.

According to Westeros.org (via GoldDerby), HBO has revised the list of episodes it's submitting for Emmy consideration in the Best Drama Category in an effort to wrench the coveted award from four-years-in-a-row heavyweight champ Mad Men.

So instead of this (as we said) head-scratching roster of:

Tape A: "The North Remembers" & "The Night Lands"

Tape B: "The Ghost of Harrenhal" & "The Old Gods and the New"

Tape C: "A Man Without Honor" & "The Prince of Winterfell"

HBO has now submitted:

Tape A: "What is Dead May Never Die" & "Garden of Bones"

Tape B: "The Old Gods and the New" & "A Man Without Honor"

Tape C: "Blackwater" & "Valar Morghulis"

So now HBO has replaced of some of the weaker season-two episodes and instead submitted two of its best and strongest episodes with "What Is Dead May Never Die" and our personal all-time best of the best favorite "Blackwater."

In turn, Tyrion Lannister himself, actor Peter Dinklage, has now submitted his work in "Blackwater" as well in an effort to win Best Supporting Actor for the second time in a row—a feat that hasn't been accomplished in the 16 years since actor Ray Walston won two years in a row for Picket Fences in 1995 and 1996.

What do you guys think? Do you believe HBO has made the right decision by changing its list of episodes submitted for the 2012 Emmy Awards? Do you think ''Blackwater'' is strong enough to get Game of Thrones the coveted Best Drama Award and Peter Dinklage his second Emmy win?

(via Westeros.org)