Game of Thrones S2 gets turned into a NSFW (but funny) 8-bit RPG

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Remember last summer, when we showed you this hilarious 8-bit RPG parody of Game of Thrones? Well, as with the actual show, one go-round just wasn't enough, and now the folks behind it have turned their talents to season two. Prepare yourself for NSFW shadow demons, king slappin' and drunk Cersei.

As with the last video, this College Humor video again covers most of the major plot points from the second season. On Dragonstone, Stannis is wondering what Melisandre's magic is all about. In King's Landing, Tyrion and Joffrey are dodging poop from peasants and defending the city at the Battle of Blackwater, while Cersei gets drunk and very, very pessimistic. Meanwhile Robb Stark wants to get married, Jon and Sam have adventures beyond the Wall and, in the East, Daenerys demands to know where her dragons are (no, seriously, she's not kidding around about this).

Check out the video below.

(College Humor via The Awesomer)

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