Game of Thrones, Twilight top 2012 list of most popular baby names

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Dec 17, 2012

Pop culture and celebrities have inspired baby names for years, but now some hit sci-fi and fantasy series are starting to swing the pendulum to the geeky side. So what are some of the hot sci-fi names kids will be sporting in the next decade?

According to The Huffington Post, which pulled the Nameberry data, series such as The Hunger Games and Twilight are really affecting young parents this year, making for some pretty unique names.

Check out what's trending for the first part of 2012:

Theon, as used in George R.R. Martin's popular Game of Thrones books and the subsequent HBO series.

Decimus, which popped up because characters in the massive hit The Hunger Games have some Roman-esque names, is really buzzing in 2012. The word also means "tenth" in ancient Rome.

Nova, as in a massive explosion involving a star, is on the rise this year.

Halcyon, which is a mythical kingfisher bird that could calm the sea, is gaining some buzz among celebrities and the general public.

Caia, a main character in the Samantha Young fantasy novel series Lunarmorte is really starting to spread this year. Also, in Roman mythology, Caia was a goddess of fire and of women.

Arya, the name of a character in Game of Thrones, has increased by an absolutely insane 800 percent in usage since the hit series began.

Senna, which is stepping in for recently popular name Bella, is the latest Twilight name to find popularity among the masses. Senna is the name of a vampire in the popular series.

What do you think about these picks? Do you know anyone with a sci-fi-inspired name?

(Via Huffington Post)

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