Gamer discovers drugs hidden in classic NES cartridges

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Apr 13, 2018, 7:50 PM EDT

On the first day of this month, James and Julian Turner discovered an unexpected surprise inside of two NES cartridges they purchased at a local flea market in Georgia. What they found wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, but it did appear to be four packets of illicit drugs. 

In an incident report provided by the Newnan Police Department, SYFY WIRE has confirmed that officers were called by the Turner brothers to come out and examine the packets hidden inside of Nintendo’s Golf and a PAL copy of RollerGames that was a long way from home. The brothers explained how they obtained the games, and they had already recorded their discovery for Julian’s YouTube channel

Kotaku was the first outlet to report on this story, which could have easily been dismissed as a prank. But as noted in the video, it’s a crime to file a false police report and the Turner brothers were well aware of that. In the footage posted above, the brothers quickly determined that their new purchases were at least 50% heavier than the games should have been. And after comparing the weight to the copies of the same titles they already owned, they proceeded to open up the back of the cartridges where they made their discovery.

According to the police report, officers "observed three closed packages and opened a fourth package," in which they found “small bits inside that appeared to be sandy-glass or crystalline substances.” The report doesn't state what the substances were, but it did add that “the drugs were seized.”

The investigation is still ongoing and Newnan Police declined to comment at this time. We may never know the full story behind this apparent smuggling attempt, which could have happened three decades ago when the games were still new. But it does beg the question of whether there are more NES titles out there with unwelcome surprises hidden inside.

image: Julian Turner