Gamer in love makes custom D20 ring for proposal during D&D session

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Mar 1, 2013, 6:53 PM EST

As geeky proposals go, you'd be hard-pressed to get any more adorable than this.

Gamer "Babelglyph" was in a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend and wanted to take things to the next level by proposing to her. But how? While thinking about it, the concept of a ring built around a 20-sided die occurred to her.

"When I hit on the d20 ring, I knew it would be perfect for her. She's been a tabletop gamer for many years and she loves nerdy references. Plus, cheesy as it sounds, I do feel like I rolled a natural 20 when I started dating her."

Aw, isn't that cool? But hang on, because it gets sweeter. Wanting to make sure things were done right, Babelglyph got in touch with her local jewelry store, where they assembled the ring based on her designs. The result is above, and Babelglyph even got a chainmail ring box made to keep it in. That's all awesome, but it's the proposal where things really get adorable.

Because the relationship was long-distance, Babelglyph had to find the right time to schedule the proposal.

"Since we both like Dungeons and Dragons, I asked if she'd want to sit in on my regular D&D group for a session. She said yes. I realized that proposing after that game would work thematically with the d20 ring. When I brought up the idea to my group, they were thrilled to be a part of it! I was also happy to compromise between proposing at home with no witnesses whatsoever and proposing in public with too many strangers."

The result, captured on video by one of Babelglyph's friends, is nerd romance magic.

(Offbeat Bride via Neatorama)