Games of Thrones' Jon Snow crowned King Arthur

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

This time last year, Kit Harington was just a young British stage actor with no screen time. Now he stars in HBO's smash hit Game of Thrones as the bastard Jon Snow, and for extra fantasy fun he just landed a part with an even cooler sword than Longclaw: King Arthur.

Harington has just been cast as Arthur in Warner Bros.' upcoming Arthur & Lancelot, a new take on the King Arthur tale—and the Arthur/Lancelot relationship—to start production with director David Dobkin next year.
With the hope of doing for Arthurian lore what the new Sherlock Holmes franchise did for Holmesian literature (lots of action, a little humor and a lot of polish), Arthur & Lancelot makes Arthur an illegitimate son raised by a poor knight in a small village, while Lancelot is a rebellious young noble fighting the power of the established government. Eventually (if we get enough sequels), they will grow into the mythic medieval heroes we know them to be.
The film doesn't have a Lancelot yet, but Harington seems to be strong casting as Arthur, particularly because he already has a good deal of experience as a sword-wielding illegitimate son. Word is the Guinevere character will only have a cameo in this installment (again, sequels), so that whole love-triangle thing won't be happening just yet. But depending on who ends up being Lancelot, this flick could have all the trappings of a buddy action comedy ... but, you know, with swords.
(Via THR)