The Games of Thrones S6 blooper reel is full of swearing and it's great

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Jul 22, 2016

In advance of this afternoon's big SDCC Game of Thrones panel and Q&A in Hall H, HBO has released a hilarious new blooper reel from Season 6 and a Season 7 production teaser.  First watch Tyrion trip over his pronunciation of the word "benevolent," The Hound getting his ax blade hung up on a stump, the Mother of Dragons sitting atop a green-screen rendering of Drogon's head while spouting indecipherable dialogue and Jon Snow covering up his private parts during his resurrection in this funny, NSFW compilation of flubbed lines, followed by a sneak preview of the truncated Season 7's fascinating preproduction process.  Warning, multiple F-bombs ahead!

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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