Gaming: Fortnite players vie for $1M, Call of Duty becomes bestseller, Eevee comes to Tamagotchi

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Nov 21, 2018, 2:02 PM EST

As Black Friday descends upon hapless retail workers, the gaming world is focused on acquisition and deals, which is why today’s gaming roundup focuses on money, money, and money. Winning it, earning it, and mastering it — capitalism reigns in these pieces of news. Well, that and Tamagotchi.

But first up is a chance for the gamer on the street to make their fortune. As Fortnite, one of the gaming world’s most popular multiplayer games, has solidified its online tournament system, the competitions can really heat up for the Epic Games battle royale. Being such a high-profile title means that the stakes are equally intense: $1M in prizes will be awarded during the Winter Royale Qualifiers and the Winter Royale Finals.

These events will be a test run for the Fortnite World Cup, which will begin its qualification process next year. The events are solo competitions (no teams here), allowing any and all players to test their mettle during the Winter Royale Qualifier days. Your highest score will represent your entry to the tournament, so gamers can continue to try their best for better and better high points over the course of the event days.

The rules and settings will mirror those of the currently running Pop-Up Cup, and those that perform highest during the days — in both NA and EU regions — will be invited to their region’s finals. The qualifiers happen Nov. 24 - 25, leading to EU finals on Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, and NA finals on Dec. 11 - 12. The million bucks will likely be split among the regions and winners.


The game that’s seeing success through sales, rather than the free-to-play Fortnite’s season-pass business model, is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. According to Variety, the game (which also has a popular battle royale mode) is the best-selling game of October and of 2018 so far. It’s currently beating out Red Dead Redemption 2... but likely not for long.

That’s because the sequel, which is in second place for both the month and the year, only saw nine days of sales in October. Black Ops 4 came out two weeks earlier. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was the third place in the month, with Super Mario Party finishing fifth. All in all, the month was a slam-dunk for the gaming industry, which saw the highest October sales figures since the data started being tracked back in 1995.


The holidays are always big for the games industry and this year especially for Nintendo, which has announced Switch bundles and anticipates high sales spurred by its newest Super Smash Bros. game and the Pokémon: Let's Go games.

One of these games seems to have spun-off already into a new peripheral. Eevee, the multi-evolution furball that can take on every element of the series and then some, is getting its own Tamagotchi. A Variety report confirmed a leaked image showing a sleeping Eevee inside the portable keychain monster game.

Check it out:

The game will come in two styles, “I Love You Eevee” (on the left) or “Color Friends” (on the right), each allowing you to pet, feed, and nurture your favorite Pokémon until it transforms into one of its evolutions. The promotional material for the game also seems to hint that there'll be one particular kind of evolution that's exclusive to the Tamagotchi, never before seen in the battles of the main games.

Trainers will be able to find out when the device comes out in Japan on Jan. 26.