Gaming: Kingdom Hearts III gets Skrillex theme, new Super Mario Party trailer, consoles get fresh ‘Ink’

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Sep 30, 2018, 4:21 PM EDT (Updated)

Skrillex may be among electronic music’s Grammy-winning elite, but it turns out he’s also a Kingdom Hearts fan like the rest of us — a fan who just happens to be in charge of working up the opening theme for Kingdom Hearts III.

Via Variety, the EDM master will bring his skills (and his fandom) to bear on a collaboration with J-Pop superstar Utada Hikaru. The pair have put their heads together to create the main track that’ll accompany Square Enix’s upcoming Disney-Final Fantasy mash-up.

What reportedly began as a team-up to remix “Don’t Think Twice,” a track Utada already had written for the game, spun instead into the all-new “Face My Fears” song that will essentially serve as KHIII’s anthem. Skrillex and Utada’s original remix of “Don’t Think Twice” reportedly will still be released, alongside “Face My Fears,” on Jan. 18.

That’s just a week before the game itself comes out: Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the rest of the KHIII crew make their debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 25.

With the release of Super Mario Party just around the corner, Nintendo is showing off how the next installment in its venerable series of mascot mash-ups will make use of the Switch’s motion-sensing Joy-Con controllers. 

The trailer shows off a couple of neat tricks the Joy-Cons can do, including powering your absurdly small tricycle toward the finish line as you wiggle the controller in bike-like fashion. But, as with previous versions, the game’s real focus will be on bringing the party off the screen and into the living room.

With a new multi-console feature that allows separate Switch “teams” to square off against one another via a shared wireless connection, as well as the standard array of multiplayer minigames, Super Mario Party is set to bop its way onto Switch consoles everywhere starting Oct. 5.

Nintendo on YouTube

Finally, Bendy and the Ink Machine developer Rooster Teeth Games has released a new trailer that shows current-gen console owners what they’ll be getting when the game — already a cult hit on Steam — debuts next month for PS4 and Xbox One.

The game’s high-contrast art style puts a deliciously dark spin on the hand-inked cartoons of animation’s early years, spinning the adventures of the Ink Demon over the course of a five-episode series that console owners will get all at once when the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game lands on Oct. 26.

Steam players also will be able to get their hands on the fifth and final episode of Bendy and the Ink Machine on Oct. 26, so consider the new trailer an equal-opportunity haunted house of hand-drawn horrors:

Rooster Teeth Games on YouTube