Gaming: A very Metal Gear Christmas; Life is Strange update; Nintendo’s retro Switch controllers

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Dec 18, 2018, 10:01 PM EST (Updated)

Not since Tim Burton put a Halloween spin on the St. Nick season have you seen an adaptation of The Night Before Christmas as out-there as the one in this video. Two of the voice actors who helped, ahem, solidify the Metal Gear lore-verse in the hearts of millions have just come out with an impromptu Christmas gift that’s tailor-made for ‘Gear-heads — and the result is as offbeat and cool as the games themselves.

Original Metal Gear Solid voice actors Cam Clarke (Liquid Snake) and David Hayter (Solid Snake) donned their nightcaps and antlers to sit down at the holiday table for a very Metal Gear reading of the Christmas classic, delivering six minutes’ worth of in-character hilarity that doesn’t mind breaking the fourth wall, when necessary, for a laugh. 

Cam Clarke on YouTube

Chock-full of Metal Gear references, name drops, and even silly Kojima-esque plot twists that take the original poem to places no one ever dreamed, the collaboration had to have taken more than a moment’s effort to pull together, and clearly shows two good sports — just a couple of actors who’ve grown to adore the series right alongside the fans. 

Check it out above, and then try not to go to bed Christmas Eve with visions of FOXDIE dancing in your head.

The second installment in Life Is Strange 2, the episodic graphic adventure that follows Sean and Daniel Diaz on a surreal, desperate flight away from their Seattle home and toward the Mexican border, has just gotten a release date. 

Square Enix and developer Dontnod revealed in a Twitter post that Episode 2 will arrive in January, and showed off a supernaturally-tinged, high-stakes trailer that demonstrates just how far the Diaz kids still have to go — and what they’re leaving behind.

Set in a larger universe that connects with Square Enix’s quirky, poignant mini-game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Life is Strange 2 has been designed to give players of that game an opportunity to affect their LIS2 playthrough with decisions that carry over from Captain Spirit

Like its acclaimed 2015 predecessor, Life is Strange 2 will release across a five-episode arc, with Episode 2 arriving Jan. 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Nintendo on YouTube

Finally, where were these little cord-cutting fellas when the NES was in its heyday? The first batch of retro-styled Nintendo controllers are just beginning to arrive in the hands of Switch Online subscribers, and to walk everyone through the old-school controllers’ updated features, the Mario maker has released an unboxing/walkthrough vid that shows off the wireless devices’ new capabilities.

Exclusive to Switch Online gamers, these cool controllers are faithful to their wired-in ancestors in all the ways that count, while also sporting new left and right shoulder buttons that perform a variety of present-day functions, including commands for screen capture, saving gameplay video, and configuring online preferences, mid-game, via a new “suspend point” feature.

Thanks to the way Nintendo’s folding its lineup of NES retro games into the Switch Online platform, these controllers are only useful — and only available — to subscribers. They’re $59.99 per set, and — at least for the time being — supplies are limited to only one controller order per account. For more on how it all ties together, check out Nintendo’s breakdown on the devices’ online storefront.