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Gaming roundup: Blizzard hiring for new Diablo; domain teases Devil May Cry 5; Arena of Valor playoffs coming

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Jun 5, 2018, 9:20 PM EDT

On the eve of next week's E3 conference, gaming news is dropping in all sorts of forms. Some of it whets fans’ appetites for press conferences and plainly delivered announcements by teasing new games with domain registrations and job listings, while one company is announcing its first foray to the convention for the sole purpose of eSports.

Let’s start with the job listing tease, though. This one’s for a new Diablo game. Posted on Blizzard’s careers page, the listing for a "Dungeons Artist" appears to be for an unannounced entry in the popular dungeon-crawling hack-and-slasher game.

The company is looking for candidates that are passionate about “working on the dark Gothic world of Diablo,” so don’t expect any radical departures from the franchise’s bread and butter, but it also doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a straight sequel in the series. There’s a lot of world-building described in the requirements, and while this may simply be part of the Dungeon Artist’s skillset, it may also refer to creating some heretofore unseen locales in the Diabloverse.

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Another tease is from Capcom, who appears to have registered the domain for DevilMayCry5.com through the GMO Internet registrar they used for Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter: World’s official sites. Variety reports that on May 18, the domain was privately registered -- possibly just in time for series director Hideaki Itsuno to make an announcement of a follow-up to 2013’s DmC: Devil May Cry.

ResidentEvil2.com also saw an update in its domain registration, which may mean that Capcom will have some more news for fans about the HD remake that’s been on its way since 2015.

In more straightforward news, Chinese gaming company Tencent Games (a massive company that brings games like League of Legends to China and publishes the mobile MOBA Arena of Valor) is heading to E3 for the first time. The company’s presence will be primarily to host Arena of Valor playoffs between eSports teams, Variety reports.

The free-to-download game will have its best players square off in L.A. on June 12 and June 13, while the game’s official Twitch channel will broadcast the tournament. The world championship in July has a prize pot of $550,000. Nothing to sneeze at, especially as the game is slowly coming to Nintendo's Switch consoles -- something that could increase its popularity Stateside.