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Gaming roundup: Fortnite drops unbalanced gun; Dead or Alive, God Eater get trailers

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Sep 11, 2018, 1:47 PM EDT

A pair of trailers and one surprising gameplay patch are the subject of today’s gaming roundup, offering up a few new games coming down the pike and a new (Drum Gun-less) way to play the most popular game out there.

We’ll start with that last bit. Yes, the overpowered Drum Gun is gone from Fortnite. The game’s 5.4 Content Update “vaulted” the weapon without so much as a pre-patch warning for players that have been running and gunning down Battle Royale opponents with such verve that other automatic weapons just can’t compare. After a slight nerf crippled the gun a bit, it still managed to stay in the conversation until its sudden removal.

This void was filled by the new Suppressed Assault Rifle, which arrives in epic and legendary variants that deals solid damage quietly enough to stay alive until the end.

Now for the trailers.

First up is Bandai Namco’s latest entry in the action/RPG series, God Eater 3, which comes out early next year. Not much was known about the game until a gameplay trailer was released, but now we know that we’re excited and just a bit confused. That’s to be expected when your trailer features gyroscopic bosses and the very extinction of humanity.

Check it out:

Scantily-clad female characters abound in this strange throwback of an RPG, giving Devil May Cry-like gameplay an oddball anime coat of paint. Just watch out for the ash storms when you’re trying to figure out what year this game actually looks like it’s from.

Another trailer proliferating gaming culture’s embarrassing female outfitting is Dead or Alive 6. Yes, it’s a fighting game (a genre with historically bad clothing options for its female fighters) and yes, it comes from a long line of sexist costumes as the sixth in the series, but the sheer number of body slamming schoolgirls in the trailer mean that the series certainly isn’t modernizing.

Take a look:

What we do learn from the trailer is that the Team Ninja game will launch on Feb. 15, 2019, giving fighting fans the chance to implement dinosaurs, water slides, and - sigh - tentacle monsters into their combat.