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Gaming roundup: mutant football; Thai horror; Castlevania collection heading to gamers

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Sep 19, 2018, 12:47 PM EDT

Few things are more exciting for gamers than seeing a beloved franchise getting an update and heading to your new modern console. The only thing more exciting could be...mutant football. These two things and one nasty, bloody, haunted house horror are on the way in the near gaming future.

First up, vampire-hunting fiends rejoice because Castlevania looks to have a few games heading to the PS4. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony Of The Night and Rondo of Blood have been submitted for and assigned a rating via the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea — and the only system listed for their 15-year-old ratings is the PS4. Since an English and Japanese version were submitted, it seems likely that a collection of the two games (with perhaps a few more thrown in) could be heading stateside.

Another game making its way to the newest Sony console for the first time (as well as PS VR and Xbox One) is Home Sweet Home. The 2017 PC game is drenched in Thai horror. Inspired by plenty of mythology, the game lets you experience all the fun of going to sleep and waking up in a horrible, horrible house of terror. A missing wife, plenty of ghosts and ghouls, and some really freaky photos will rattle even the most hardened horror fans.

Here’s the trailer:

The game will come out digitally on Oct. 9, but physical copies hit Gamestop on Oct. 16.

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for since that intro — or perhaps even the headline — mutant football. Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition has versions hitting stores for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on Oct. 30, while digital versions for PC and consoles will also be available.

According to a release, it’s like a regular football game, where you lead a team as a GM, only with werewolves, demons, “Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans,” and orcs. Play for the Killadelphia Evils (really!) as you avoid booby traps and listen to some “adult-oriented” commentary. It’s like Fallout struck a sports game, letting you fight after the plays end with all manner of weaponry and powers.