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Gaming roundup: Star Citizen adds player faces; Command & Conquer returns; Night of the Living Dead gets mobile game

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Oct 12, 2018, 12:50 PM EDT

Today’s gaming roundup features plenty of familiar faces in the intellectual property game and one very familiar face: your own.

Piling on top of the excellent trailer released today for its upcoming single-player component, the MMO Star Citizen launched its Alpha 3.3 update with tons of new features — including one that uses your webcam to map your facial motions onto your character. It’s part of the new VOIP and FOIP systems (voice and face over internet protocol) being implemented and it might sound a tad invasive to players wary of being watched.

Variety explains that the patch also introduced a new processing tool to aid future development. “I’m so proud of the work the team has done to deliver Object Container Streaming and Face over IP to all our backers,” Cloud Imperium Games CEO and project director Chris Roberts said.

“They are both massive technical milestones and major pieces of backbone tech for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 that we’ve been working on for well over a year. Object Container Streaming testing results have been great, and we’ve seen a marked increase in client average frame rates and memory use, with some players even seeing frame rates in the triple digits.” The game moves faster, can handle more objects, and even puts your face in the game - soon to be joined by the likes of Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson.

Next up is a property almost as familiar to some gamers as their own mugs: Command & Conquer. With the RTS’s 25th anniversary on the horizon, there are some exciting plans coming for fans of the classic. According to a post from EA producer Jim Vessella on the C&C subreddit, the PC games are getting remastered.

“Following the reveal of [mobile franchise entry] Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the Command & Conquer community also wants to see the franchise return to PC,” Vessella wrote. “And as a fan of C&C for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more. With that in mind we’ve been exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games, and already have the ball rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary.”

Vessella then went through the thread accumulating feedback, some of which was directed towards the game’s UI and whether it would remain as the original or get a facelift. While that debate is still under consideration, Vessella had one promise for fans: no microtransactions. However the remastered editions turn out, at least there won’t be pay-to-win components.

Finally, another anniversary is inspiring a new move on the game front. Dread Central reports that Into the Dead 2 will be running a one-week Night of the Living Dead event in honor of the classic film’s 50th anniversary. The game will act as a prequel to the film, following Ben as he makes his way to the farmhouse.

The zombie shooter teamed up with two of George A. Romero’s sons, George A. and Andrew, to get the franchise feel right. “My dad loved video games and he would be happy and proud of this collaboration,” George A. said, while Andrew remarked, “Anyone who is a fan of Night of the Living Dead or a fan of the genre is going to love this experience.”

The event hits the App Store on Oct. 18.