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Gaming roundup: Telltale Games goes under; Blaze of Chrome 16-bit shoot 'em up coming soon

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Nov 15, 2018, 7:34 PM EST (Updated)

A new Contra-inspired shoot 'em up is headed to consoles everywhere and a favorite gamemaker is calling it quits in our latest gaming roundup.

First up, some not-so good news: Award-winning game studio Telltale Games, the California-based gamemaker that thrived on episodic adventure games for Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Minecraft, and Guardians of the Galaxy (among others) is soon to be no more.

After laying off all but 25 of its employees without severance in September, Telltale is now closing up shop and conducting a wholesale liquidation of its assets through assignment proceedings.

According to Game Daily, assignment is an alternative to bankruptcy whereby the courts are not involved and a company has enough money on hand to pay its creditors before shutting its doors. Already, many of Telltale's award-winning games are being taken down from Steam, though Game of Thrones, Batman: The Enemy Within, and Minecraft: Story Mode are still up there as of press time.

But for employees of Telltale, the move hurts all the same. One former staffer told the site that the company's obligations to pay for COBRA, aka post-employment health insurance, will end on Nov. 30, leaving many having to fend for their own health care while they look for new jobs.

Telltale Games' dissolution wasn't exactly a surprise. As Verge has documented, the company was beset by problems including a toxic management style, routine crunches — where employees worked ridiculous hours (up to 20 hours a day and more than 100 hours a week) at breakneck speed to meet unrealistic deadlines — and a workplace culture marked by creative stagnation. As a consequence, developers fled the company en mass.

As of this writing, a rep for Telltale hasn't responded to SYFY WIRE for comment.

Elsewhere, in happier news, fans of 16-bit-style arcade games can get excited, because Joymasher is planning to unleash Blazing Chrome in early 2019 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

A classic lock and load pitting man against machine, BC features five post-apocalyptic environments giving gamers the chance to "kick some serious metal ass" on an Earth ruled by A.I., where humans are expendable and forced into hiding.

Per the company release, a small group of rebels sets out on a mission to overthrow their robot overlords, producing run 'n' gun action that results in lots of casualties and tons of fun. Gamers can choose to play either Mavra, the human resistance soldier, or Doyle, an "equally groovy and deadly" insurgent robot, as they fight mini-bosses and engage in epic boss battles to save humanity, all with the aid of some powerful blasters, a trusty jetpack, and a motorcycle. 

Check out the trailer above, then let us know in the comments what you think!

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