SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog Start Screen 2018

Gaming: SEGA classics on Fire at Amazon, Silver Sable’s Spidey DLC, Mortal Kombat 11 welcomes…Spawn?!

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Dec 13, 2018, 5:44 PM EST

Who needs a console to go retro? Breaking with Sony’s and Nintendo’s trend of launching throwback consoles to reacquaint gamers with their nostalgic 16-bit pasts, SEGA is skipping the hardware and putting its classic games right on Amazon — where all you need is Fire TV and some kind of controller to put Sonic through his familiar paces.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, the SEGA Classics Bundle for Amazon’s Fire TV packs in 25 vintage Genesis games, from Altered Beast to Golden Axe to Gunstar Heroes to Sonic the Hedgehog (of course) and more. The cost? $14.99, plus a Bluetooth-compatible controller if you’d rather play on something other than the Fire TV remote (which you can totally do).

SEGA isn’t completely down on the idea of licensing its classic Genesis for console reissue, as the tepidly reviewed SEGA Genesis Flashback HD console demonstrated back in 2017. There’s also the upcoming Mega Drive / Genesis reissue, which we’ve not heard much about since its announcement earlier this year.

But for $14.99, who needs a console? The SEGA Classics Bundle comes as part of the company’s ongoing commemoration this year of the Genesis’ 30th anniversary. And as of today, it’s available and ready to rock for any Fire TV customer.

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PlayStation 4’s landmark Spider-Man is getting set to release its third and final piece of DLC content, circling back to Silver Sable’s in-game appearance for a deeper dive into one of her side stories.

Via the PlayStation blog, here’s how Sony describes the setup for the upcoming Silver Lining DLC, due out next week: “Silver Sable has stormed back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech. With New York Police Chief Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave following her exploits against Hammerhead, Spider-Man will have to rely on unlikely allies to keep Marvel’s New York safe.”

The add-on also comes with three new suits to unlock, including Peter Parker’s suit from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which, for some fans, will justify the DLC’s $9.99 price tag all on its own).

Featuring new missions, enemy types, trophies, and more, Silver Lining will be available starting Dec. 21.

We don’t know if anything more will come of this, but even if Todd McFarlane is only joking, it’s too cool an idea not to at least mention: During a recent Reddit AMA, McFarlane caused a fan meltdown when he hinted that a certain demonic anti-hero might be due for an appearance in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11.

“I believe he’s on his way…” was McFarlane’s cryptic reply to a fan who begged, during the chat, for Spawn to cross over into the next installment  of the legendary fighting series. On its own, that may not sound like much — but, as IGN reports, McFarlane’s been trying since at least 2015 to clear a path for Spawn to appear in a Mortal Kombat game.

Whether Spawn ends up as a stowaway aboard MK11 or not, the game’s first trailer looks (literally) killer. Stay tuned for any updates on McFarlane’s possible Spawn tease, ahead of Mortal Kombat 11’s April 23 release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.