Shadow of the Tomb Raider 2018

Gaming: Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC incoming; Nintendo files new piracy suit; Maneater RPG lets you be the shark

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Dec 12, 2018, 7:55 PM EST

Lara Croft’s ever-expanding legacy is about to get a fresh infusion of mythical lore, thanks to a new Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC expansion arriving next week.

Square Enix has just revealed its first look at The Pillar, the second DLC add-on (following last month’s The Forge) to land at Lara’s feet since Shadow released to favorable reviews back in September.

The Pillar takes players deeper into the Mayan mythology that provided the backdrop for the main game in Shadow, with Square Enix tweeting that the new add-on will “venture into the Path of the Huracan to discover the truth behind the legend of the Maya apocalypse.”

In a move that shows Nintendo isn’t pausing from its resurgent war against piracy, the Mario maker has filed a new copyright lawsuit accusing a man of jailbreaking the company’s license-restricted consoles, as well as profiting from the sale of allegedly pirated Nintendo games.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Nintendo accuses California resident Mikel Euskaldunak of installing hundreds of pirated games on modified versions of the NES Classic Edition console as well as the Nintendo Switch, and illegally selling the allegedly pre-loaded consoles to gamers.

Nintendo says Euskaldunak and numerous other “John Doe” defendants flagrantly invited buyers to skirt the company’s anti-piracy efforts by giving “users of the modification… the tools to infringe and instructions on how to use the modification in a manner least likely to be caught or arouse suspicion,” according to the complaint.

The suit is just the latest in Nintendo’s recent focus on protecting its brand. Last month, the company filed a suit that accused operators of ROM gaming websites of illegally offering thousands of pirated games online. At least one of the sites targeted in the suit voluntarily went offline after Nintendo threatened legal action.

Most shark-themed entertainment starts with the basic assumption that it’s you who’s the helpless victim, just a tasty snack ripe for the predatory picking. But that all changes in Maneater, an RPG that lets you patrol the Gulf of Mexico waters not as the prey, but as the Great White terror itself.

Developer Blindside Interactive revealed this week that Maneater, previously announced as a Steam-only release, also will be available via the increasingly popular Epic Store.

Maneater RPG Blindside Interactive 2018

Blindside Interactive

Blindside describes the single-player action RPG as Mother Nature’s very own take on the kill-or-be-killed survival trope: “You were cut from your mother's body and left to die in the unforgiving waters of the Gulf Coast. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as you feed. Anything and everything is on the menu... provided you kill it before it kills you.”

Other than a tease that the game will arrive sometime next year, there’s still no word on a release date — but the tagline has us smelling blood in the water. Watch for Maneater to wash ashore at the Epic Store and Steam in 2019.