Gaming roundup: The Forest hunts this fall, Spelunky 2 drops trailer, Pokemon Essentials shuts down

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Mar 19, 2019, 2:09 AM EDT (Updated)

Whether it’s the fate of battling pocket monsters or your fate after battling much scarier monsters, today’s video game news certainly makes you wary to go into the tall grass.

First up, Pokémon fan creators weep, because one of the oldest creation tools has been taken down following a Nintendo DMCA notice. According to The Verge, the 11-year-old Pokémon Essentials and its Wiki were closed, ending a line of fan games that included Pokémon Uranium and Pokémon Reborn. Essentials effectively allowed creators to remix and create their own Pokémon worlds with the resources of other Pokémon games, giving access to maps, sprites, music, and more — all on top of the skeleton of the franchise’s RPG mechanics.

Killing Pokémon Essentials basically killed Pokémon fan games as they have existed on the internet for more than a decade. A person known by the username Maruno, Pokémon Essentials’ manager since 2011, posted the following on their locked-down Twitter account: “The Pokémon Essentials Wiki, and all the downloads for Pokémon Essentials, have been deleted due to a copyright infringement claim by lawyers representing Nintendo of America.” Fandom, which hosted the Wiki, confirmed that Nintendo spurred the takedown with a copyrights violation claim.

This likely won’t mean the end of fan projects, but a retreat from the spotlight and a much higher bar of access for newcomers. Moving to less visible forms of online community, like a Discord channel, would echo the movements of other fan creators after Nintendo flexed its litigious muscles last year.


Now to a similarly dark topic: eating people in the woods. The Forest — a survival game with plenty of freedom — asks a simple question: How far would you go to make it? You play as an airplane-crash survivor, working to find your son. You can make a base, hunt for food, craft weapons — all the essentials.

Those become more essential as you learn that the enemies lurking in the woods are humanoid ... at least, at first. The game announced its release date today, whetting fans’ appetites for single- or multiplayer horror — especially if you go into the caves.

The Forest provides to PS4 players on Nov. 6.


Finally, and speaking of caves, Spelunky 2 (the 2-D, throwback tomb-raiding, Indiana Jones-ing platformer) got its first trailer. The game looks to hit stores in 2019 and follow the daughter of the first game's protagonist.

Take a look:

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Ana Spelunky joins Margaret Tunnel, Roffy D. Sloth, and Colin Northward as they delve deeper and deeper into the randomly generated depths of the sequel's caves, searching for treasure and trying to survive its horrors. Mounts, bombs, and lots of lava await PS4 owners sometime next year.