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Gaming: The Walking Dead gets an Epic exclusive; Fallout 76’s game plan; Spidey’s old new suit

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Dec 21, 2018, 9:34 AM EST

The last mile of the The Walking Dead’s long and winding path to completion will be played out on the Epic Games Store, thanks to a publishing agreement that will make the remaining episodes in The Walking Dead: The Final Season exclusive to the online shop.

Epic revealed its partnership with Skybound Games Thursday, announcing the Epic Store exclusive beginning with the release of The Final Season’s third installment this coming January. Episode 3, Broken Toys, and Episode 4, Take Us Back, will finish out the series following a tumultuous late-summer limbo for the game, after former developer Telltale cast doubt on its future when the company all but shut down operations in September.

Epic assured that anyone who’s already pre-ordered the final two episodes on a different PC platform will still be able to receive them “through their previous point of purchase” on their scheduled release dates, and even threw in a fun Skybound-produced FAQ clip of Clementine voice actor Melissa Hutchison responding to fans’ questions.

Check the clip out below, because the next installment’s not far off: Broken Toys releases to the Epic Store on Jan. 15.

Skybound Games on YouTube

Fallout 76 has gotten off to a rocky start, not only with players who’ve aired their frustrations at the online-only game’s release-day flaws, but also as a sales success. Nielsen data for November shows (via US|Gamer) that Fallout 76 sales dropped nearly 50 percent more steeply through its first month of availability than first-month sales for Fallout 4, its most recent mainline predecessor.

The news isn’t all bad for those who’ve stuck with Bethesda as it works through the growing pains. In addition to releasing weekly patches to address the most common gameplay complaints, the studio also is prepping a major new feature to deliver on one of Fallout 76’s biggest promises: the ability to actually cooperate with other players to shape meaningful and permanent changes to the nuke-wasted West Virginia landscape we’re all supposed to be rebuilding.

It’s a change that’ll take some time to implement, but Game Informer reports players should finally be able to begin working together “without PVP restrictions” sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Finally, a couple of Spider-Man quick hits. First up is the coming demise of Spider-Man Unlimited, the mobile game that puts Spidey up against the Sinister Six, which developer Gameloft announced in a Facebook post would end its online support on March 31 of next year. Unlimited will receive content updates through its scheduled shutdown date, but there’ll be no more chances to play as Gwen Stacy, Nick Fury, Mary Jane, Spider-Ham, and even Werewolf Spidey once online support ends.

But where one web-covered door closes, another opens. Over on the PS4, Spider-Man is still going strong with new updates and add-ons, the latest coming in response to a recent fan clamor to suit Peter Parker up in the so-called “Sam Raimi” suit from the director’s early-2000s Spider-Man movie trilogy. Insomniac released the throwback suit Thursday as a free PS4 download for Spider-Man owners, announcing via Twitter it had gotten the message loud and clear from fans of Spidey’s Tobey Maguire era.

The new get-up slots in alongside dozens of other wearables from Spider-Man’s long and storied history, including the Tony Stark-designed suit from the current Avengers cycle, as well as the one Miles Morales sports in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.