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Gaming: Until Dawn devs announce anthology series, The Sinking City second trailer, Devil May Cry 5 debuts gameplay footage

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Aug 22, 2018, 12:26 PM EDT

Gamescom is upon us and that means that some of your most anticipated games are flexing their stuff, trying to become the biggest and buzziest with their new footage. Whether that means cutting a great teaser announcement, offering up amazing gameplay, or just telling a killer story, loads of genre games have released great videos so far.

To kick things off, Supermassive Games — creators of the cult horror hit Until Dawn — will continue their blend of motion-captured acting, cinematic storytelling, and tough decisions in their horror games with an anthology series that the developer announced at Gamescom. Titled The Dark Pictures, the anthology will inflict horrors and consequences upon all sorts of unsuspecting groups - the first of which is a group of vacationing friends.

Watch the announcement video for Man of Medan, the series’ first game:

Yep, it’s got underwater components. And the rest is floating on the South Pacific above a wrecked WWII plane. Nothing good can come from this. Did somebody say “Ghost Ship?” Man of Meden will make you stay far, far away from the water when it’s released in 2019.

Next up, The Sinking City (the Lovecraftian adventure coming from Frogwares) got its second trailer at Gamescom — and it’s an eldritch version of Edge of Tomorrow. This poor, tommy gun-wielding protagonist simply can’t seem to escape the loop:

Without debuting any gameplay footage yet, The Sinking City sure seems to have nailed the aesthetic of the Old Ones lore - which we’ll see more of when the game hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Mar. 21 of next year.

Finally, Devil May Cry 5 showed off some gameplay featuring Nero giving demons the business with guns, swords, and bullet time. He also fights a scary boss wielding the biggest pair of scissors to ever grace the screen.

Check it out:

Nero’s grabbing demons, throwing demons, riding his own weapon like a hoverboard - it’s madness. Then Dante shows up with a motorcycle that splits into two huge weapons. Of course he’d steal the show. DMC 5 comes out on Mar. 8 of next year.