Gaming researcher's legs partially amputated after gaming gone wrong

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Dec 17, 2012

If you're playing a marathon session of videogames, what's the worst that can happen? We're not talking game addiction here, where you're compelled to play for weeks, months, even years on end. We're talking a single, weekend-long session. For the most part, it's not great for you, but it's not as if you'll lose your limbs. But sadly, that's exactly what happened.

In the video below, student Roxanne Myers explains how she lost her feet to videogames. Basically, after two and a half days of gaming, she "fell asleep sitting cross-legged at my desk." That cut off circulation to her feet.

Sadly, Myers had a pre-existing condition that made her susceptible to blood clots ... which she didn't learn about until after she was hospitalized with swollen legs. (Warning: her description is slightly graphic.)

To make this story even more horrible/ironic/painful, Myers was a student researching videogame addiction.

We hope that Myers learns to walk again. We also hope her thesis earned an A.

(via The Daily What Geek)