Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb

Kablam! This bomb Garbage Pail Kids cake will make your brain explode

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Mar 2, 2018, 5:18 PM EST

Bye, Cake Boss. This just might be the most (literally) mind-blowing cake to ever crawl out of the dumpster.

Garbage Pail Kids were the trading-card phenomenon of the ‘80s that totally wrecked the Cabbage Patch craze and still keep spawning characters like Demonic Dante and Virus Iris. When they emerged from the brain of cartoonist and Topps consultant Art Spiegelman in 1985, they soon became the coolest thing every kid had ever seen and bane of every teacher who ended up confiscating the cards and holding them hostage. Their deranged mascot is arguably the dynamite-detonating Adam Bomb —and he’s just been turned into a cake that goes kablam!

Adam Bomb, who was the iconic face of the original wax packages, has been a Halloween costume, a skate deck, and, most recently, a Funko Pop, and he’s now almost completely edible because of one cake artist who has made him into the first Garbage Pail Kids cake ever.

“Ever since I started making cakes, I’ve always wanted to make a Garbage Pail Kids cake,” Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cakes in Austin, Texas, captioned the YouTube video that has been making the internet explode. “So I made one!”

The dessert version of Adam starts off as blobs of cake and fondant and modeling chocolate, which all take shape into an anti-doll that looks so realistic, you could swear it has that new vinyl smell. Pink fondant covers the cake board he sits on, made to look like it just cracked from a nuclear blast.

Adam himself is pieced together from a cake head and limbs that have all been sculpted with modeling chocolate and painted with icing. That mushroom cloud over his head is a cake board covered in cake which is covered in more cake, because cake balls were needed to create that toxic smoke plume effect, which was then perfected with more fondant and modeling chocolate.

Even his tie looks like it just got swept up by the force of the explosion.

Sideserf has also done a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake, an Evil Dead Mondo cake, a Santa Jack Skellington cake, Gremlins cookies featuring Gizmo’s face with a Santa hat, a horror birthday cake with a disembodied foot, and what might possibly be the scariest Teletubbies cake you’ve ever seen.

So what does this monstrosity taste like? At least in the video, it looks like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)