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Garrett Hedlund says TRON 3 may not be 'totally dead' after all

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Sep 25, 2015, 11:15 AM EDT

We may yet return to the Grid, after all.

While doing the press rounds for Pan in New York, Garrett Hedlund sat down with and revealed that all may not be lost for TRON 3. Hedlund starred in Tron: Legacy as Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who ends up inside the Grid, a digital world designed by his father. There, he meets his father’s now-corrupt creation, Clu, and a new ally in the beautiful Quorra (Olivia Wilde).

Released in 2010, Tron: Legacy was a direct sequel to TRON set 28 years after the events of the first movie. For a long while, rumors of a third movie floated around the Internet, with director Joseph Kosinski being extremely vocal about wanting a followup to the story — until it was announced (although not officially) Disney was finally going ahead with TRON 3 (yay!) and then it wasn't (boo!). Fans were so upset that they even started a petition for the House of Mouse to revive it.

I don’t know about you, but I was looking forward to a third entry into the sci-fi franchise. Tron was a huge part of my childhood, and I loved that movie to bits. Even if Tron: Legacy was a little disappointing for me in parts, I still loved it and was looking forward to more stories about Kevin Flynn, my favorite character. 'Cause he's not really dead ya know, right? RIGHT?

Here’s what Hedlund said about TRON 3:

“I haven’t been told it’s totally dead,” Hedlund said of Tron 3. “Ever since we did Legacy, we knew that to have another story follow it up, it had to be concrete and exciting. Disney needed to have the right story to go forward. I think it was going to introduce some things that were as exciting as Legacy was and then some, though,” he said about the early story treatments.

“Who knows, maybe it’ll be like Legacy was to the first Tron, it’ll be 30 years, and I’ll have my young Flynn CGI face, who knows?” he said with a laugh. “But they could do it anytime from now, and I would of course jump back in. Something like that could be quite fun, though!”

What do you think? Is there any hope that Disney will change its mind and go ahead with TRON 3 despite the fact it has the whole of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars to contend with? Do you still think Disney is making a big mistake?

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