Gary Oldman thinks there could be a 4th and 5th Dark Knight film

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Dec 16, 2012

Director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale may be finished with the Dark Knight, but Gary Oldman thinks we'll probably get a fourth and even a fifth film right after the third opus, The Dark Knight Rises, comes to theaters next July.

Even though it's also the end of the road for Oldman in the role of the much-beloved Commissioner Gordon, the British actor, whom we'll soon see in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, believes the studio will want to continue with the franchise :

Yeah, yeah. For us I think it's the end. Whether they will make more, my guess is probably. I mean, they don't have Potter anymore. So, there could be a Batman 4 a 5. It may be Chris overseeing it in a producorial position, but for us and for Chris I think that's it. It's a great way to go out though. It's a great story. Epic, epic thing it is.

With Warner Bros. milk cow—aka the Harry Potter franchise—out of the picture, the studio will look to another viable money-making franchise, and Batman is definitely one.

I think Chris strikes me as someone who's too smart and he's sort of too classy to just sort of make a third for the sake of making it. I don't think that's who he is. I remember way back saying to him, '"Is there going to be a third?" He said, "If I can get the story right. I've got to outdo myself. I've got to do it better than The Dark Knight. I've just got to get it right." He set the bar very high, and so he said, "If I can find a story that interests me I will do it." I think also it's genius that he's picked Bane as the villain, that he didn't go with The Riddler or The Penguin. I think right there is a wise choice.

We're not exactly surprised to hear this, since we know Warner Bros. and DC Comics are looking to finally make that Justice League movie. And with rumors that Nolan may be killing off Batman at the end of the trilogy, we still think they'll be ''rebooting'' the Batman franchise rather than going the sequel route IF they plan to make more Batman films.

What do you think?

The Dark Knight Rises comes to theatres on July 20, 2012.

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