Gasp at these 100 percent serious April Image comics variant covers

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Image Comics has been celebrating their 25th anniversary this year by adorning their biggest titles with different themed variant covers each month. They began in February with their homage covers and helped a good cause in March with their women in comics variants that benefited Planned Parenthood. But just because Image is getting old doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of humor.

April is a month for fools, and Image is getting their goof on with a month full of humorous April Fool’s variants that depict storylines and crossovers between Image titles too insane for interior pages. The publisher has revealed eight of the 11 so far, which you can view in the gallery below. Here are the details, and an explanation of what’s going on with the covers, if you don’t get the joke.


Rock Candy Mountain #1, cover by Kyle Starks, featuring Youngblood character Badrock in a shameless pun.

Sons of the Devil #11, cover by Toni Infante, parodying the cover of the DC New 52’s Flash #1 which was written by Sons of the Devil writer Brian Buccellato.


Spawn #272, cover by Todd McFarlane, unrevealed.


Black Science #29, cover by Rafael Albuquerque, parodying the cover of Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers #1, which was also written by Black Science writer Rick Remender. The cover features Image characters from Tokyo Ghost, The Walking Dead, East of West, Deadly Class, Black Science and I Hate Fairyland.

Curse Words #4, cover by Ryan Browne, featuring a team-up between Margaret the Koala and police dog Pretzels, from The Fix.

East of West #33, cover by Nick Dragotta, unrevealed.

The Fix #9, cover by Steve Lieber, again featuring Pretzels and Margaret from Curse Words.

I Hate Fairyland #12, cover by Skottie Young, featuring Gert from I Hate Fairyland putting the hurt on Coach Boss from Southern Bastards.

Invincible #135, cover by Ryan Ottley, parodying Marvel’s Spider-Gwen character.

Plastic #1, cover by Daniel Hillyard, parodying Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, the marriage of Spider-Man and Mary Jane.


Savage Dragon #223, cover by Jock, unrevealed.