Gateway Nerd Gift Guide: Doctor Who, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead and more

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Dec 4, 2014

Giving the perfect gift to the someone may not be as difficult as outwitting the Kobayashi Maru, nicking a Silmaril while keeping both hands, or understanding why the hell midi-chlorians were ever introduced, but it can be quite the humdinger without the proper amount of research, character study and attention to detail.

What’s that you say? Research? Study? Detail-oriented? These are skills at which most nerds already inherently excel. Moreover, what better time to show off your gift-giving prowess than during the holiday season, a time of year when a sense of wonder goes mainstream and people are encouraged to believe in magic? With all this in mind, we at Blastr are going to serve as your humble helpers as you assemble swag for your special geeky gifted-to-be. From gamer goodies to rich reads to VIP viewables and more, we’re covering a lot of ground. So strap in and get ready for a sleighful of gift guide suggestions.

To kick things off, we begin with a Gateway Nerd list full of guardians, clones, settlers, a Dark Knight, a few zombies and more for the fledgling fan in your life. When you want to introduce someone to the joys of comics, tabletop games, fantasy or sci-fi, it's a solid move to present them with something accessible, but also with a slight hint of challenge to it. You give them a compelling taste and then get them hooked so they keep coming back for more. The result? The conversations in your relationship just got a lot more fun, and potentially contentious. 

Check out the list below, and click on the links to see more of our 2014 holiday gift guides!

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