Gears of War film recruits Avatar 2 and Armageddon screenwriter

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May 4, 2017, 7:49 PM EDT

The big-screen Gears of War project has been talked to death and subjected to nine levels of Hollywood developmental hell since it first blasted onto the gaming scene in 2006, with the unforgettable emo trailer below, scored by Gary Jules' haunting "Mad World" cover.

I'm actually glad it wasn't rushed into production 10 years ago, when New Line first optioned the property, for fear of it suffering the same fate as Duncan Jones' live-action Warcraft movie. With digital special effects hitting a new level of depth and detail, and practical effects synthesis enjoying a healthy renaissance, it's a fine time for a gung-ho Gears of War bug hunt on Sera.

To provide the project with some serious credentials, Universal Pictures has enlisted the help of Avatar 2 screenwriter Shane Salerno. He'll kickstart this latest attempt to bring a boffo Gears of War movie to fans of the five-game franchise owned by Microsoft, Epic Games, and The Coalition. Salerno has been busy burning the midnight oil finishing the scripts for James Cameron's forty four Avatar sequels, and was the lead writer on Michael Bay's boisterous sci-fi disaster flick, Armageddon.

After years of rumors and false starts, an official Gears of War film was announced last October, right before Gears of War 4 launched for the Xbox One platform. According to The Coalition's Rod Fergusson, this new screen story will not be based on any of the game titles previously published. No release date or director has been announced, but we'll keep you posted, of course.

Are you glad this Gears of War adaptation has a solid screenwriter? Who would you volunteer to direct Dom and Marcus in their endless battle with the Locust Horde?

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