Gee whiz! Futurama takes on 3 different retro styles for finale

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Dec 15, 2012

Futurama never fails to dazzle us with its quick wit and hilarious cultural references. But now it's about to impress us with its animation. And now that we've seen the latest clip, we're really, really impressed.

EW has a clip of the last episode of 2011, "Reincarnation" (which we, sadly, cannot provide). If you know your cartoon history and have seen 1920s staples such as Mickey Mouse, Popeye the Sailor, Betty Boop and Felix the Cat, you'll recognize that Futurama got it right. The animation style is accurate down to the Fry and Bender's four-fingered white gloves and the ubiquitous bounce that cartoons like Betty Boop utilized back in the day.

"Reincarnation" will also take on two other cartoon styles: Low-resolution videogames and anime.

Wikipedia notes that this episode is a post-season finale special and isn't in canon. "Reincarnation" will air on Sept. 8, 2011, on Comedy Central.

Via EW.