Geek Monthly doubles your man crush

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Jun 23, 2008

Geek Monthly is a pretty cool magazine aimed at people like you and me: geeks.

Face it. It's true.

They interviewed me a few months ago, and the issue is finally out! It's the June issue, and they sent me a copy in the mail. I look at the cover, and what do I see?

Wil Wheaton and I are in the same issue.


And may I add: hawesome.

And even better: he is on page 14, and I am on page 28, which numeralogically is twice as cool. Geek Monthly clearly is supporting me in the Wheaton/Plait antimatter dilithium debate. Yes, I know, I conceded to Wil, but it still stings*.

Anyway, I was so excited I blogged before I read the articles. I have to admit the picture with his article is better than the one of me (posing near a giant radio telescope in Tidbinbilla, Australia). But I have supernova remnants in mine. That ups the cool quotient.

So go buy an issue. Now!

*Actually, it burns with the luminosity of 1701 warp core breaches.

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