Geek out as Ridley Scott, Matt Damon talk The Martian in 30+ minute roundtable

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Dec 14, 2015

With awards season ramping up, you'll almost certainly be hearing a whole lot more about The Martian. So why not refresh your memory with a 30+ minute roundtable on the film featuring pretty much everyone involved with making it happen?

20th Century Fox has dropped a lengthy roundtable with the cast and crew — including Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, et al. — that digs into the genesis of the film, the ideas behind it and how it came together. The interview is fascinating, not surprisingly, as Scott looks back at the history of the genre and The Martian’s place in the overall lore. Matt Damon also gets a chance to talk about what attracted him to playing fictional astronaut Mark Watney.

They also circle around to the technical aspects of making a near-future space film and how they worked with NASA to get as much of the science as possible correct. Of course, they had to take a few liberties with the space suits (Ridley wasn’t a fan of the real ones, though NASA “loved” the movie versions), but they tried to do as much as possible to keep it legit.

While we wait for the film’s Jan. 12 Blu-ray release, geek out over the roundtable below:

(Via 20th Century Fox)

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