Geek out with NASA's 7th annual JPL pumpkin carving contest

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Nov 1, 2017, 1:49 PM EDT

Sure, they can send robotic probes, roaming rovers, and blazing rockets millions of miles into outer space, but can engineers and scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California slice up some squash using their PhD educations and cosmic experience?

You bet your sweet slide rule they can!

One of the more amusing annual rites of passage is the crazy pumpkin carving contest taking place around Halloween each year, as the brilliant men and women of NASA apply their skills to a simple orange gourd.

Watch as crafty astrophysicists and mechanical engineers take part in the seasonal tradition to transform their humble pumpkins into brilliant dioramas and animated experiments seeded with funny pop culture references.

Entrants are judged by the public and given one hour to design their masterpieces using an array of tools and components. The Jet Propulsion Lab was originally founded on October 31, 1936 so this yearly parade of nerdy pumpkin artwork is all part of their birthday bash.

Check out this insane event in the video below and tell us which roboticized and mechanized pumpkin you think takes the grand prize.