Geek-tastic Voyager supercut proves they totally lost count of those torpedoes

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Jan 31, 2014

Oh, you’ve got to love Star Trek fans. Though most might’ve just overlooked this little quirk on Voyager, one guy made a series-spanning supercut purely to highlight the absurdity.

Of course, the series took a unique spin on the Trek formula by stranding a ship far away from home and forcing the crew to deal with limited resources as they try to find a way home. One handicap pointed out very early in the show’s run? They only have 38 photon torpedoes. Hmm.

Well … at least they’re supposed to have 38 photon torpedoes. Just don’t count ‘em. One fan did just that, and realized that during the show’s seven-season run, the crew of the USS Voyager managed to use an astounding 85 additional torpedoes, on top of those aforementioned 38 ordnances.

This stellar supercut recaps every torpedo fired on the series and determines that they must’ve figured out some mysterious way to reload those suckers. Obviously, this is likely just a little tidbit that was overlooked after being mentioned early on to create tension, but man — that’s one heck of an oversight, number-wise. Of course, fans could probably come up with a MacGuffin to explain it away with enough effort, but it’s still a humorous gaffe.

Check out the clip below and let us know if you realized there was such a torpedo frenzy:

(Via Giant Freakin Robot)

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