Geek A Week #18: me!

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Jul 5, 2010

I am very pleased to let y'all know that Len Peralta chose me to be his eighteenth Geek A Week geek.

Len is an artist and a geek himself. He drew an official poster for w00tstock, created the zombie alphabet, and does the terrific Monster by Mail. His Geek A Week project is to interview 52 geeks, draw a playing card for them, and interview them. He's done Paul and Storm, Wil Wheaton, Veronica Belmont, John Scalzi, Kevin Smith (yes, Silent Bob), and a lot more.

I am extremely proud to join this Nerd Pantheon. You can see the front of my

playing trading card here (click it to get the big version), and the the back of the card is here. I love love love this! I've always wanted to command my own moonbase. And for criminy's sake, Paul and Storm wrote the text for the card! How awesome is that? Because I told Len my biggest geek influence was the TV show "Space:1999", he drew me as Commander Koenig (season 2, of course -- here's the shot of Martin Landau Len based his drawing on).

Here's the podcast interview we did, which is about a half hour long. I think you'll agree that I am, in fact, a dork. One thing I want to clear up: listening to the interview, I realized it sounds like I was dissing comic books. I wasn't at all! My point was that if I got into comic books I would drain my bank account and do nothing but sit in my office and read them and complain about how Wonder Woman's new costume is stupid. That's why I avoid them. I'd be a comiholic.

I suggest checking out all the cards he drew and listening to the interviews. I also happen to know about a couple of folks coming up in the GaW project that I think you'll like, too, so you should subscribe to the RSS feed for it and also follow Len on Twitter.

My sincere thanks to Len, Paul and Storm, and to the many people with obviously suspect taste who suggested me for this honor.

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