The Geekender July 24-26: Evil Dead 2, Wayward Pines, Ant-Man and more

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Jul 28, 2015, 4:22 PM EDT

The weekend is upon us, and with it a chance to sit back, relax and consume massive amounts of sci-fi, fantasy and horror pop culture. In The Geekender, our writers (a bit of a skeleton crew this week - hey, it's summer) share a bit about what they're reading, watching and playing -- and we want to hear from you. Let us know what's on your plate in the comments!

Matt Dorville: This weekend, I’m doing something I know I should never do, but I’m going to do anyway: I’m introducing yet another girlfriend to Evil Dead 2. I could have learned when I was in high school that this was not a good decision. It has never worked out well for me and yet I have subjected this brilliant piece of cinema to many women who I have dated, only to have them look at me like I was a madman. Yet, this weekend, we’re going through the motions again, simply because the film is too incredible not to show someone. And while I know the chances are one in a million, like Jim Carrey before me, I’m still excited that there’s a chance.

Trent Moore: Summer offers up a few decent shows for genre fans, but it can still feel like we're stuck in the doldrums until fall arrives. But there's one show that's kept me wildly entertained, despite the fact that the premise pretty much falls apart if you think about it too hard: Fox's event series Wayward Pines, which closed out its debut season Thursday night. The cast is (mostly) great, and you have to respect the way they just went all-out after revealing that WTF twist right at the middle of the season. The show is definitely not a work of art, but the weird mix of sci-fi insanity and Twin Peaks-ish creepiness made for the perfect guilty pleasure to distract me from the heat and humidity for a few hours.

Krystal Clark: After accumulating a few episodes, I'm diving back into Extant. I watched the first season, and while it wasn't perfect, I enjoyed it. This year, the show got a mini-reboot. There were several cast changes, most notably the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Supernatural). The producers (including Halle Berry), wanted to right some of last year's wrongs by going in a new direction. Whatever they've done must have worked because I've heard nothing but great things about this season. So, it's time to take the plunge, and judge for myself. I'm going in! 

Ernie Estrella: After seeing Ant-Man in the theaters with my son, he's bugging me to for more stories. So I'm pulling out some back issues of The Irredeemable Ant-Man from 2009, when The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester wrote the series with Cory walker and Ande Parks doing the art. It's not Scott Lang or Hank Pym. The story's about Eric O'Grady, a low-grade S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who discovers Hank's latest suit. O'Grady steals the suit and uses it for his own selfish reasons. On second thought, maybe I won't be reading this with my kid, but I'll be enjoying it again for myself. This series lasted just a year before it was cancelled but I'm curious to look back and see if there was any influence on the film.

Jeff Spry: While attempting to tear myself away from Leviathan Wakes this weekend, I'll be reorganizing my comic-book den Sunday to create a place of honor for the sold-out Book of the Vishanti Doctor Strange figure set. The hefty faux-spellbook is packed with five 6-inch Marvel Legends action figures: Doctor Strange in astral form, Brother Voodoo, Magik, Hela and the flaming supervillain, Dormammu, all nesting nicely in imitation red velvet The sweet set also includes decorative pages revealing character backstories, a small arsenal of wicked accessories, transparent heads, magical effects and a full-scale Eye of Agamotto replica prop I'll be hanging around my neck while reciting incantations to get the lawn outside to mow itself.

Evan Hoovler: Bojack Horseman, Season 2 just came out. The critics say the show has a low jokes-per-minute ratio, and is crowding the already saturated "inside Hollywood" comedy market. Frankly, they're right. But I like it for the storytelling, the characters, and because it hasn't been this fun to root against a main character since Frasier went off the air. The rest of my free time will probably be spent gaming. We just got our Wii repaired, so that will be a popular item. I would've just gone ahead and bought a Wii U, but those don't play GameCube games and my wife is nuts for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Tales of Symphonia. I'll probably let her have it and just play the newly-downloaded Beautiful Katamari on my 360.

Carol Pinchefsky: My X-Files rewatch continues, and now I’m on Season 7. I’ve been tickled by how many well-known actors have made an early appearance on the show, particularly Ryan Reynolds, Shia LaBoeuf, Bryan Cranston, and Lucy Liu. Also, an episode that I kinda liked back in the day has now become one of my absolute favorites: "Milagro," guest starring the ultra-talented John Hawkes as a writer who has pined for Scully from afar. Beautiful dialog, wonderful acting. Pull it up on Netflix this weekend. You’re welcome.

Lisa Granshaw: After some time away, I decided to return to the world of Naruto this week. I've been catching up on both the Naruto: Shippuden anime and manga. I'm eager to see exactly what happens to the characters as both come to an end, especially after hearing about the sequel miniseries, The Last: Naruto the Movie, and Boruto: Naruto the Movie!

Adam Swiderski:Alright, this is it: It's time for me to watch The Flash. I know I'm incredibly late to the party on this show, but I have an excuse...OK, I don't have an excuse for why I wouldn't immediately dive into the best super hero show on television especially considering how much I loved the pilot. I can't wait to get to Gorilla Grodd and all the Reverse-Flash intrigue, Mark Hamill's Trickster and all the other comic book insanity I never thought I'd see on a network TV show.

You've read our picks -- now let us know what you'll be geeking out over this weekend in the comments!