The Geekender October 9-11: NYCC, Dracula pinball, and Scream Queens!

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Oct 9, 2015, 8:15 PM EDT

The weekend is upon us, and with it, a chance to sit back, relax and consume massive amounts of sci-fi, fantasy and horror pop culture. In The Geekender, our writers share a bit about what they're reading, watching and playing -- and we want to hear from you. Let us know what's on your plate in the comments!

Adam Swiderski: This weekend, there is only one thing on my mind: New York Comic Con. I'll be there with several other members of the Blastr staff, covering the madness that ensues when over 150,000 (if the numbers from last year hold) fans descend on one location to celebrate their favorite comics, movies and TV shows. I'm probably most looking forward to what we'll see out of the Marvel/Netflix Jessica Jones and Daredevil panels, but with so much going on, I'm sure there'll be no shortage of fuel to feed my geeky fire.

Aaron Sagers: Like Adam, I'm nerding out at New York Comic Con this weekend. I'm most looking forward to The X-Files panel, which will include a screening of the first episode. The other big moment for me this weekend will be hosting the Firefly reunion panel with Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres and Jewel Staite. But really, I'm just stoked to run around and play at the con. 


Lisa GranshawI'll be attending GeekGirlCon in Seattle this weekend and one of the things I plan to pack for my trip is my 3DS. This way I can catch up on some games during my travels and any waiting in line I do for panels. I've been going back and forth between playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so those are the games I'll be bringing with me. I'll also be keeping my eyes open for anything I can pick up from one of the exhibitors that might be fun to read on the trip back! 

Evan HoovlerThis weekend I am catching up on two shows I've been following: Scream Queens and The Last Man on Earth. Scream Queens combines horror with campiness to produce an odd blend of comedy. I like it, and am really rooting for it, but the show suffers from not really knowing what it wants to be. As a horror show with flashes of brilliant comedy, it's great. However, it tends to sway too far in one direction or the other. At times it's straight-up horror, but the plots and twists are too stale to support an entire series. At the other end of the spectrum, many times the situations and characters will be so satirical that it feels like it belongs in the Scary Movie parody series.

I'm not digging the comedy of The Last Man on Earth. It has a dearth of likable characters, which is important to me. But I am still watching for the setting; it's nice to see a post-apocalyptic show that doesn't have zombies or an evil government dictatorship.

Also, this weekend I am continuing my quest to unlock every card in the World of Warcraft game, Hearthstone, without paying a dime. Hearthstone is the antithesis of Magic: The Gathering: The players are social and friendly, matches are quick and never determined by "mana screw," and it isn't pay-to-win. I honestly find myself wishing they'd at least ask for a few bucks in exchange for all the fun I've been having.

Krystal ClarkThis weekend, Marvel will have a huge presence at New York Comic-Con. They'll be promoting their upcoming Netflix slate featuring Jessica Jones and Daredevil. When Daredevil was initially released I watched the whole season in less than two days. And I think it's time for me to do it again. In preparation for Jessica Jones, I'm going to revisit the seedy underbelly of Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil's cast was superb, especially Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin and the unsung hero, Ben Urich, as played by Vondie Curtis-Hall. Plus, when it comes to the small screen, Daredevil's fight scenes are unmatched. Sorry (not sorry) Arrow!

Don Kaye: There is a new exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History called Mummies: New Secrets From the Tombs, which will feature 20 mummies from ancient Egypt and Peru, many of which have never been displayed in public before. I'm aiming to hit that this Sunday with my little girl, who has her dad's interest in these kinds of macabre things as well. Ever since I was a little kid and saw my first one at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, mummies and the ritual of mummification have always fascinated me (and scared me a little). It's been a while since I've seen some up close, so I'm looking forward to unwrapping the exhibit's highlights as soon as I can.

Jeff SpryAs this is my birthday weekend, I'm planning on a trifecta of festive geeky activities, hitting the big comic-book shop in my town to pick up a fresh stack of comics from my pull-list shelf, then heading over to Vector Volcano, our retro video arcade, to play their incredible Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball machine that has a wild array of special effects, floating balls and sound FX from the Francis Ford Coppola movie.  Then I plan on finishing off the day with a visit to the huge pumpkin ranch and family farm to grab a couple pumpkins to carve when it gets closer to Halloween ... if I can pry myself off the videogame stool and break the pinball fever!

Trent MooreI'll still be kicking it in Hawaii this weekend wrapping up my vacation, but that doesn't mean I'm fully checked out from the geek world. Though I'm missing most of our NYCC coverage (sigh), I have made arrangements to snag the season premieres of both Arrow and The Flash — so I'm not completely out of touch. After a six-hour boat tour of the Napali Coast and getting beaten against the rocks at Queen's Bath, I'm bordering on too exhausted to move at this point. So the weekend will be a perfect time to catch up on The CW's corner of the DC universe. Mahalo!


That's it for our crew's geeky plans this fine fall weekend.  Tell us what're most excited to watch, play or read in the comments below.