The Geekender September 18-20: Doctor Who, Tokyo Ghost, Z Nation, and more!

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Sep 18, 2015, 6:10 PM EDT

The weekend is upon us, and with it, a chance to sit back, relax and consume massive amounts of sci-fi, fantasy and horror pop culture. In The Geekender, our writers share a bit about what they're reading, watching and playing -- and we want to hear from you. Let us know what's on your plate in the comments!

Trent Moore: If I can find a bit of downtime this weekend, I'll be continuing my deep dive into the corners of Marvel's (now essentially defunct) Ultimate universe. Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man stories drew me into the world initially, and I've already read the full run of The Ultimates (and the recent All-New Ultimates, which is awesome). Up next: Ultimate X-Men. I'm several issues in already, and it's definitely an interesting spin on the classic X-Men lore. It cuts through a lot of the canon clutter, puts the team together in unique ways and shines a light on different members. Considering how much things have changed for the X-Men in the main universe the past few years, this is a refreshing palate cleanser with a more direct take. If nothing else, I want to knock out some of these 'books before Marvel officially pulls the plug with the conclusion of Ultimate End.


Ernie Estrella: It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the comic shop, so I had a big stack of comics to digest this past Wednesday. To the top of my pile raced Rick Remender’s (Deadly Class, Black Science) latest creator-owned book, Tokyo Ghost, a futuristic and ghastly reminder of what could come our way as our obsession with technology and fleeting stimulations goes unchecked. Tech is the new drug, the only thing worth living and dying for, and constables Debbie Decay and Led Dent are called upon when people get out of line. People who love Road Warrior, Blade Runner, Judge Dredd and the Takashi Miike samurai sword-slasher 13 Assassins are going to love Sean Murphy’s (Chrononauts, The Wake) seductive and frenetic storytelling and Remender’s commentary on a potential world we are careening toward. It just debuted, but I know I’ll be giving it multiple reads this weekend even though other comics in my pile will be begging to be opened.


Carol Pinchefsky: This weekend, I’m going to be leveling a mesmer in Guild Wars 2, because of something my husband taught me: If you have multiple alts all over the map, you can meet your daily activity goal without having to spend silver on transit fees, blipping from region to region, or worse — wasting time going in to Lion’s Arch and out again. Also, my main character is currently stuck standing on top of a precipice in Lion’s Arch, stuck in the middle of a jumping puzzle. We’re doing Troll’s Revenge, one of the longest and most challenging in the game. And I’m stuck because I can’t proceed without the help of my husband and bestie, who each have mesmer characters who do tag-team teleportation and save me when I invariably fall — hence the need for a mesmer. Without them, I would have given up ages ago. Shout-out to Melissa Shaw, who is the bestest mesmer friend ever.


Jeff Spry: I've abandoned all hope of not being addicted to IDW's new Godzilla In Hell mini-series because ... well, it's Godzilla IN HELL! IDW did a great job with the Godzilla: Rulers of Earth series that just wrapped up this summer, with a killer lineup of classic Toho creatures for the King of Monsters to maul. But this new Godzilla title is an entirely different beast, a bizarre visual odyssey into the fire-belching bowels of Hades, with Godzilla lumbering through a mesmerizing Miltonian mirage of smoking valleys and razored cliffs in search of unholy abominations to crush. There are just two books left of this nightmarish five-issue series featuring a revolving roster of artistic talent, but rest assured, it's a devilishly cool way to spend a weekend, immersed in its sulfur-scented pages.


Krystal Clark: This weekend, I'll be submerging myself in the world of Z Nation. As I anxiously await the new season of The Walking Dead, I need something zombie-related to tide me over. I tried AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, but I wasn't impressed. Syfy's Z Nation takes place several years after the zombie apocalypse, and centers on a man known as "Patient Zero." He was bitten by a zombie, but didn't turn into one. Therefore, the antibodies in his blood may be the key to saving humanity. 


Lisa Granshaw: Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I would finally be starting IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ever since, I have been reading the series whenever I have time, and I am officially hooked. I've heard about the series a lot since it launched in 2011, but the new origins of the characters were never spoiled for me, so it was quite a surprise to see the direction the series went in the first few issues! I won't spoil it for anyone else who hasn't read the comic, but I will say I just finished issue 10 and I'm still not sure how I feel about Splinter and the Turtles' origins. Luckily, Donatello often voices many of my problems with it, so I'm glad it's not something that's being immediately accepted by everyone and glossed over. I'm kind of hoping there's more to the story than what's been revealed so far too. I also like the combination of elements from various TMNT incarnations that have been included in the comic up to this point, like the turtles starting with the classic red masks before moving to different colored masks. Now that Shredder has entered the picture, I can't wait to read the next few issues this weekend!


Matt Dorville: In an interview I had with Rick Remender this week, he mentioned being a purist of Wolverine, focusing on Claremont, Miller, and Grant Morrison and it inspired me to go back this week and experience those versions of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest characters Marvel has introduced with a Wolverine binge. I’ve been spotty in my Wolverine over the years and this should provide an excellent reminder of what made me enjoy the character as much as I did when I was young. Also, if I have some extra time, I’m going to try to see if I could get my hands on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game to add to the flavor of the weekend, as well. I’d also love to know which Wolverine series were our readers' favorites so leave a recommendation in the comments and I’ll be sure to pick that up over the weekend.


Evan Hoovler: This weekend, I will be trying out the new video game Mario Maker. The concept is simple, yet elegant: Everyone make their own Super Mario Bros. level. Then, when you play, every level is different because you're playing other creators' levels. In concept, it's brilliant. In execution, I've found it to be far less. It turns out, game designers are actually better at designing games than the average gamer. Most of the levels I've played are just stupid, Kaizo Mario hard and not fun at all. For instance, I often encounter three pipes, two of which lead to instant death. Also I'm finding the creator tools limited: There's not a lot in terms of background customization, and the only character is Mario (like "Luigi" is just a green Mario skin). I'm hoping I can unlock more options as I progress.


Matthew Jackson: Well, this certainly makes me very predictable, but there's only one honest answer: This weekend, I will be enjoying and picking apart the return of Doctor Who, particularly in light of the news that Jenna Coleman is done with the show after this season. Will we see that arc made clear from the very beginning? Will it once again be about how so many of The Doctor's Companions are doomed by the very act of traveling with him? How is Missy returning, and what will Steven Moffat try to do with the Daleks this time around? I found last season frustrating at times, but as usual with this show, I can't wait to go back.


Adam Swiderski: The nerdiest thing I'll be doing this weekend is rehearsing a play about an alien invasion. It's called Blast Radius, and it's part of a trio of plays called The Honeycomb Trilogy detailing a back-door conquest of Earth by a race of telepathic insects, and how one family navigates its various stages. We go up in downtown New York in about a month, and so I'm pretty deeply immersed right now in figuring out how to portray a survivor of extraterrestrial armageddon and a resistance fighter against the subsequent occupation. Fortunately, I know that, if I'm in a pinch, I can always fall back on the best-ever acting advice from Sir Ian McKellen.


You've heard what we're up to -- now it's your turn! What movies, books, comics, shows and games will you be diving into this weekend? Let us know in the comments!