Bizarre but wonderful site devoted to Fox Mulder's wristwatches

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Dec 14, 2012

Did you think The X-Files was one of the best things about the '90s? Would you like a small flashback to remind you of what was awesome about the show? And do you like ... watches? If the answer to all three is "Hells yeah," we have just what you need.

Fox Mulder's Wristwatch is a one-of-a-kind site with 85 pages (as of today) dedicated to the wrist of David Duchovy. Check out a few of the photos in the gallery below.

We know all about fan devotion. So we recognize this website for what it is: an excuse to rewatch episodes and focus on dark-eyed Duchovny, with the wristwatches—most likely another passion—as a hook.

We've also seen it before, in an unlikely pairing of Spock and pie.

One Duchovny watch this blogger missed? The Bulova from the 1973 watch catalog that was referenced in Zoolander. (We didn't get to see the watch there, but we did get to see several good close-ups of a hand encased in a hyperbaric chamber.)

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