Geeky BBC reporter woos Mila Kunis in greatest Oz interview ever

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Mar 5, 2013

There is no debate: Mila Kunis is easily one of the coolest chicks working in Hollywood.

Kunis (Book of Eli, Ted) is currently making the rounds promoting the new Sam Raimi flick Oz: The Great and Powerful, where she co-stars as Theodora. Amid the endless stream of reporters, bumbling young BBC Radio interviewer Chris Stark wanders in and makes radio (and video) gold.

As you probably already know, Kunis is a lovely young lady, and Stark is absolutely starstruck being in the same room as the bombshell beauty. Kunis tries to help him out a bit with the interview, and the next six minutes meander off into one of the most awkwardly awesome chats in cinema history.

It hits on everything from their favorite drinks to local soccer (umm, I mean football) teams. The best part? The final minute, where Stark asks Kunis to be his date to a wedding.

Trust us, just watch: 

Now, on a scale of 10-11, how awesome is that young BBC guy?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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