Geeky Q & A: Cas Anvar

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Sep 23, 2017, 9:00 AM EDT

As part of Syfy 25 – where we’re looking back at everything amazing that’s happened in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror over the last 25 years – we asked a bunch of famous people what sort of geeky stuff they like. Here’s what The Expanse's Cas Anvar had to say.

The one thing I geek out over the most is:
Comics, video games, and sci-fi!

The first thing I remember geeking out over is:
Spiderman and Star Wars.

The science fiction/fantasy creator I most respect is:
Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien.

My geeky guilty pleasure is:
Video games! And … well, more video games.

The current state of science fiction in three words:
Desperately seeking originality. 

The biggest genre game-changer of the last 25 years was:
Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Expanse.

The best quote from anyone in the genre, real or fictional, is:
“Laugh it up, Fuzzball.”

The best genre movie of the last 25 years is:
Blade Runner. And The Matrix.

The best genre series of the last 25 years is:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones.

The best genre book of the last 25 years is:
The Expanse.

The best comic book or graphic novel of the last 25 years is:
Old Man Logan.

The best video game of the last 25 years is:
The Last of Us. 

The best genre theme song or soundtrack of the last 25 is:
Buffy. Or Teen Wolf.

A movie that desperately needs a remake is:
Nothing needs a remake. Let’s make new movies.

On the flipside, a movie that should never ever be remade is:
The Matrix. Also Blade Runner.

The genre character I most admire and why:
Han Solo, Avaserala.

The genre character I most despise and why:

If I could live in any fictional universe or reality, it would be:
Star Trek.

The most underrated sci-fi/fantasy movie of all time:
A Boy and His Dog.

The most overrated sci-fi/fantasy movie of all time is:
The second set of Star Wars movies.

The fictional character with the best style is:
Neo. Han Solo. Miller.

The best Batman was:
Adam West. Christian Bale.

The LOTR character I’d like to be is:

The LOTR character I’d actually be is:

If I could time-travel I would:
Go back and forward until I’ve ruined everything.

If I could have one superpower, it would be:
Webs. And flying.

Which superpower comes with the biggest drawbacks: flight, invisibility, or telekinesis?

If I were a hero my sidekick would be:
Hilarious and a master of tech.

The Hogwarts sorting hat would put me in:

My patronus would be:
A dolphin. 

On a voyage through space, my captain would be:

If I could pick one genre vehicle, my ride would be:
The car from Blade Runner.

People in fantasy tales are always British because:
They’re smarter, and old stories sound so much better in a British accent. Like they actually happened.

In a fight between Dumbledore and Gandalf, who would win?

In a fight between Picard and Kirk, who would win?
Picard. Because "There are four lights!”

In a fight between Wonder Woman and Superman, who would win?

In a fight between Hulk and Thor, who would win?
The madder Hulk gets …

In six words or less, what words of wisdom do you have for fellow fans?
Don’t eat yellow snow. 

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