Geeky crafter sews awesome Star Trek plush kids activity book

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Dec 15, 2012

"Quiet books" are books given to young children to teach them how to use snaps and ties, as well as follow very simple directions. Quiet books tend to be made of cloth. But these two Quiet Books, made by Julie Gillrie, are made out of cloth and awesome.

Gillrie, a crafter, created not one but two terrifically geeky quiet books for the littlest fans, the most recent being a Star Trek: The Next Generation book to go with the Star Wars one she'd crafted previously.

These books show younglings how to reassemble C-3P0 and convert Captain Picard from a Borg back into a human. They're simple enough to appeal to children, but clever enough to make the adults in their lives smile.

Sadly, she's not selling the finished product to her Etsy store, but she is selling a guide, as well as adorable Star Wars finger puppets.

We would take these quiet books over a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy any day.

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