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Geguri set to join the Overwatch League as the first female player

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Feb 8, 2018, 3:03 PM EST

If your name is Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, life is probably looking pretty good. Geguri is set to become first female player to join the Overwatch League, as reported by ESPN. The South Korean off-tank player will be settling in with the Shanghai Dragons team along with three additional South Korean recruits as well as one fourth Chinese player, according to ESPN’s sources, if the deal goes through. 

Geguri herself has downplayed the fuss surrounding her inauguration into the team, which is still pending an official announcement, tweeting about how it’s not exactly news. It’s still an awesome accomplishment for a player so excellent with the hero Zarya from the Blizzard game that she was accused of cheating. After silencing the haters and proving herself, she’s getting what she deserves thanks to her excellent Overwatch skills, and can likely prove a boon to the Shanghai Dragons, who haven’t exactly performed admirably as the season has worn on. 

The Zarya player previously showed off exactly what she could do during a livestream of her particular set of skills, which is pretty astonishing even if you know little about Overwatch or the heroes themselves. 

Previously, Geguri was the subject of discussion online that decried the Overwatch League’s lack of female players as a perceived step backward for a game that featured a diverse set of heroes. This was never the case, as Geguri clarified to esports consultant and ESPN correspondent Rod Breslau, stating that her not being signed initially to an Overwatch League team actually had nothing to do with her gender. 

It’s still great news to see Geguri getting a spot on the team, as talented players like her deserve recognition, whether man or woman, Zarya main or Zenyatta casual (I’m really not that good at my favorite support ‘bot). 

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