Gene Roddenberry's son is lending his name to the new Star Trek series

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Mar 6, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

So far, the new Star Trek TV series CBS will bring us in 2017 seems to be doing everything right. That we're getting Trek back on the small screen at all is exciting, but then the network drafted veteran Trek writer and Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller to run the show. That was enough to generate some serious buzz among a lot of fans, but then things got better when Fuller went and hired Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer -- one of the most influential and important voices in the history of the franchise -- to write and produce for the series.

Now another crucial ingredient has fallen into place: the Roddenberry bloodline.

The production announced on Thursday that Eugene Wesley "Rod" Roddenberry Jr., son of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, has joined the new, still-untitled series as an executive producer. In a statement, Fuller specifically noted Roddenberry Entertainment's continued commitments to the diversity of the franchise, which is more good news for fans who expected that from Fuller in the first place.

“Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, left a finely feathered nest for all who love Star Trek to enjoy,” Fuller said in a statement. “And it is only fitting that Rod Roddenberry and Roddenberry Entertainment join our new Trek adventure to ensure that his father’s legacy of hope for the future and infinite diversity in infinite combinations runs through our tales as Gene Roddenberry intended.”

Rod Roddenberry was only 17 when his father passed away in 1991, and was not a Star Trek fan. Inspired by the continued fan adoration heaped on his father's legacy, he set out to understand Star Trek and his father's contributions to television and sci-fi history. The result was Trek Nation, a documentary featuring interviews with Trek creators and fans. Today, he's a kind of Keeper of the Flame for Star Trek, and having him sign on to the new production certainly brings more weight to this new TV series.

The new Star Trek will begin airing in early 2017, debuting on CBS before moving to the network's streaming service, CBS All Access.

(Via TV Line)

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