Generations: Iron Man teases future of Riri Williams in the Marvel Universe

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Sep 9, 2017, 10:35 AM EDT

SPOILER WARNING: Marvel Comics Legacy and Secret Empire spoilers for Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1, The Iron below

Has Tony Stark found his ultimate apprentice-slash-replacement in Riri Williams? Reading between the comic book lines, in excerpts posted on CBR.com, it certainly seems to be a possible hypothesis.

Those familiar with the character of Williams / Ironheart will remember how the young teen cannily constructed her own Iron Man-style suit from scraps, capturing the attention of Stark, and the concern of Pepper Potts (who tried and failed to dissuade her from taking the superhero route.)


In the latest Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1, The Iron comics, set in a far, far away future, Williams appears to have a full-circle moment with Stark (who has now reached the grand old age of 126) as she heads back to earth on a mind-boggling cross-time adventure.

The story starts with Williams' suit malfunctioning, causing her to hurtle through the sky, landing in her very-different-looking hometown of Chicago. There she meets the plucky gang of teenagers calling themselves the Mighty Avengers (read: the Next Avengers), who are already well aware of who she is.

Things start to take a turn for the strange, though, when she meets human Tony Stark – who is now a sorcerer – and he explains the multitude of changes he’s performed to fix planet Earth. (Including wiping out the Internet. Gulp.) When Williams praises Stark for changing the world himself, he interjects, saying “we,” not he alone, are responsible for saving the world.

We might hazard a guess that Stark is referring to Williams here – who is seen at the end of the comic making her own mini-Iron Man, prompting us to wonder if the future of Stark's universe belongs to Ironheart ...

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