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Genre phrases "Starwars," "Dragon" top list of most-used passwords

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Dec 27, 2017, 9:59 AM EST

Lazy encryptors beware, 2017’s list of the top 100 most commonly found passwords in data breaches has been released, and genre-based passwords are front and center. While the top 10 entries of password management firm SplashData’s list are numerical or alphabetical runs (“123456” or “qwerty”), number 16 is the rather interesting “starwars.”

This has prompted SplashData to comment that “In the ‘year of the hack,’ even The Force can’t protect those who continue using the passwords on SplashData’s list of commonly hacked passwords.” Nerds, we love Star Wars as much as you -- and as much as some dislike the new one -- but a good password it doesn’t make.

While you can read the full list here, which is mostly comprised of first names and swear words, other notable entries were “dragon” at 18 and then a series of nerdy passwords from 58 to 60: “merlin,” “ranger,” and “solo.” We get it. Everybody loves dragons. Think about Game of Thrones or the con bearing their name. Making a password, however, should reach beyond your favorite character or Dungeons & Dragons class.

These are weak passwords without symbols or alphanumeric diversity. Plus, any hacker is going to be just as dorky as those with these passwords, likely to a much higher degree. To avoid these and other forbidden passwords, throw some numbers and dollar signs in there or, if that sounds like a memory hassle, work with, as NYMag suggests, a password manager.