Geoff Johns and Jim Lee tease future appearances by Deathstroke and Jericho on Titans

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Oct 5, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT

Get ready for Deathstroke the Terminator to land yet another live-action appearance... eventually. 

The legendary DC Comics mercenary and his iconic black-and-orange costume have already popped up in the Arrowverse on The CW and, briefly, in the DC Extended Universe on the big screen, with the promise of more from star Joe Manganiello in the form of a solo film for the character. Now, we can be assured that Deathstroke — long a key nemesis of the Teen Titans in the comics — will ultimately make an appearance on their own live-action TV show, which premieres next week on the DC Universe streaming service.

"You’ll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it’ll be a new version," Titans executive producer Geoff Johns said during the DC Universe panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday. "You’ll definitely see it in the show."

Johns, whose work on Teen Titans comics in the 2000s helped make his name as a creator, didn't say when Slade Wilson himself would be making his appearance. For all we know right now, he might not show up until the just-announced second season of the series, but given his massive influence on the direction of the team in comic book form, it's not surprising that he'll be around on the show. Now we just have to see which actor (after Manganiello and Manu Bennett on Arrow) will don the iconic costume this time around.

Deathstroke's not the only member of the Wilson family we can expect to see on the show, though. At the same panel, DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee noted that Slade's son Joseph, aka Jericho, will also eventually show up.

“Last night at dinner, Geoff and I were talking about Jericho,” Lee said (via CBR). “So yes, definitely.”

Jericho was originally introduced as a hero, and was a key figure in the New Teen Titans era spearheaded by creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez. In particular, he was a key part of "The Judas Contract," one of the greatest Teen Titans stories ever told, which was recently adapted into an animated movie. Does the appearance of both Deathstroke and Jericho in the series confirm a version of that tale in live-action? No, but it wouldn't be a stretch to see it happen one day, particularly now that we know the show is getting a second year.

Titans premieres Oct. 12 on DC Universe. What do you think of the show's upcoming additions?

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