Geoff Johns lays out the road to Doomsday Clock in new trailer for DC Comics event

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Sep 22, 2017, 10:47 AM EDT

Five months ago, DC Comics unveiled Doomsday Clock, an epic limited series that brings together everything we've learned from DC Rebirth, everything we thought we knew about The New 52, and Watchmen into one massive confrontation.

Doomsday Clock is the official merging of the Watchmen universe with the rest of DC Comics, but in many ways it's so much more. It's also writer Geoff Johns' attempt to address all of the troubles readers had with the New 52 reboot dating all the way back to 2011, introducing the concept that Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan may have been the one messing with the timeline all along.

Since the series was announced we've seen and heard plenty of teasers. We've been shown incredible covers teasing amazing confrontations. We've learned the identity of the mysterious "Mr. Oz" and gotten a glimpse at his role. Now, in this trailer for the series, we learn even more.

"It's unlike any story that I've ever written. It's unlike any story that [artist Gary Frank]'s ever drawn," Johns said.

In the trailer below, Johns breaks down exactly how we got here, including the seed of the idea that Dr. Manhattan's been messing with time, how the story came to him in a flash, and even the influence of the 2016 election on his storytelling. In the end, he's hoping for a comic that people will find "quirky," exciting," and "thought-provoking."

"We're not interested in just kind of having some funny mash-up, because that's not what we're doing," he said. 

Check it out:

Doomsday Clock arrives to blow our minds with its first issue November 22.